DAY 5: Tornadoes, prion structure and antibiotic resistance

The halfway point

Week 1 may nearly be over, but we have the evictions to look forward to next week! The power is in the hands of the 5,000+ students.

Today’s highlights in the New Materials Zone:

  • Could there ever be tornados in the UK?

inkysquidy : will we ever have tornados in uk

joshmakepeace : You can think of climate change as changing the boundary between different climate zones up and down the globe – so in the ice age, the polar region extended down to cover the entire of Europe. As the earth warms, we might find tropical climates move further north, so the climate in the UK might get warmer. Tornados in the UK would need wind directions to change though, as they usually occur in eastern ocean coastlines (USA, Australia, Philippines)

  • Lots of great questions in ASK:

What are rocks made of?

What is it about the prion structure that makes it resistant to digestion by stomach acids?

Wouldn’t completing an antibiotic course of treatment be an even stronger selection for the rare, resistant bacteria?

  • And the students are loving the science…

shiningbeau : science is so fun

shiningluke : i love science more

inkysquidy : science makes me happy inside


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