Thank you from your winner Stu

stuartarcher-wWell, it’s been a pretty intense couple of weeks! A massive thank you to all who voted for me, there’s been some pretty tough competition! I didn’t really know what to expect before the competition started, but it’s been a real eye-opener. There have been loads of really interesting and thought provoking questions, ranging from cool stuff that happens every day all the way up to some of the really philosophical stuff – well done to all of you who asked them. I’ve learnt so much about a really wide range of things the last couple of weeks and I hope you all have too!

I hope we’ve all managed to inspire a few of you to go into science. Science is all about asking questions, so if you are thinking of going into one of the sciences, keep asking them – there are no stupid questions! Keep trying things out until you find something you enjoy, there’s something for pretty much everyone in science!

I’m hoping to put the money towards running workshops in some local schools so kids can have a go at making some artificial leaves using fruit juice and a few other simple materials, so they can learn a bit about some of the solar technology that’s coming in the future and hopefully have a bit of fun doing it.


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