• Question: say all of you got together as a team of scientists. what would you call yourslefs?

    Asked by 11godfd1 to Alex, Josh, Serena, Simone, Stuart on 20 Jun 2013.
    • Photo: Alexander Munnoch

      Alexander Munnoch answered on 20 Jun 2013:

      Awesome question 11godfd1!
      (To Josh, Serena, Simone and Stu) Should we be democratic about this, each make one suggestion and then take a vote?

      My suggestion would be: Mattertron – the voice of science!

    • Photo: Josh Makepeace

      Josh Makepeace answered on 20 Jun 2013:

      Hahaha, testing out our creative sides!! It’s bound to be a bit cringe-worthy, but since we’re all in the New Materials Zone, something like the Materials Maniacs might work! (I’m cringing!)

    • Photo: Simone Sturniolo

      Simone Sturniolo answered on 21 Jun 2013:

      Well, congratz to Alexander for the cryptic biblical (or Kevin Smith-ian, depending on where did he draw that from!) reference XD.

      I’ll be the one who makes the lame pun:

      The New Mat-eerie-als.

    • Photo: Stuart Archer

      Stuart Archer answered on 21 Jun 2013:

      Hmm, new materials… material… fabric… making…

      How about…

      The Fabricators….

    • Photo: Serena Corr

      Serena Corr answered on 24 Jun 2013:

      hmmm – this is a good one!

      I like Mattertron – or how about the Bunsen Burners?