• Question: were your parents ever encouraging you to be a scientist

    Asked by georgie123 to Alex, Josh, Serena, Simone, Stuart on 23 Jun 2013.
    • Photo: Alexander Munnoch

      Alexander Munnoch answered on 23 Jun 2013:

      hi Georgie123,

      Nah they didn’t, the didn’t encourage me to do what I wanted to do though and enjoyed science but they never pressured me into doing any subject in particular.

    • Photo: Josh Makepeace

      Josh Makepeace answered on 24 Jun 2013:

      Hi gerogie123! Thanks for the question. My parents have always been really supportive of what I’ve chosen to do. They never suggested I become a scientist, but when I said that’s what I wanted to do, they were right behind me all the way. I’ve been very lucky like that 🙂

    • Photo: Serena Corr

      Serena Corr answered on 24 Jun 2013:

      Hi georgie123,

      Like the guys who have already answered, I was lucky that my parents encouraged me to do whatever it was that I enjoyed and so would make me happy. My parents are not scientists (my dad worked as a newspaper journalist and my mum works in a museum), but they always encouraged us as kids to ask questions and try to find out answers. When I told my parents and family that I wanted to be a scientist, they were very encouraging and helped me in lots of ways to achieve that! For example, my sister, who works in the fashion industry, came to my university to see me give my first chemistry lecture!

    • Photo: Stuart Archer

      Stuart Archer answered on 25 Jun 2013:


      I was always interested in science as a kid, so my parents were always buying me Christmas and birthday gifts that related to that. They were always supportive of what I wanted to do, but definitely encouraged me to go into some kind of science because they could see I enjoyed it so much 🙂