• Question: Who is your favourite famous scientist?

    Asked by rachellaw to Alex, Josh, Serena, Simone, Stuart on 18 Jun 2013. This question was also asked by curie.
    • Photo: Josh Makepeace

      Josh Makepeace answered on 18 Jun 2013:

      Oooh, that’s a tough question – there are loads of people who I admire for their contributions to science. I think that the scientist who inspires me the most today is David Suzuki. He’s a Canadian scientist who does a lot of work on environmental issues, and on educating people about nature. I think he’s a great example of how scientists can get involved in lots of really important issues, and speak up about what science means.

      Here’s a little interactive website where you can hear David Suzuki talking about growth. Take a look! 🙂


    • Photo: Alexander Munnoch

      Alexander Munnoch answered on 20 Jun 2013:

      I dont really have a favourite but some of the videos and rather philosophical interviews I’ve watched would make me want to meet and speak with Richard Feynman.

    • Photo: Stuart Archer

      Stuart Archer answered on 21 Jun 2013:

      For me, it’s a guy called Harry Kroto – he discovered a new form of carbon called ‘Buckminster Fullerene’, which are balls of carbon atoms that look like footballs! He won the Nobel prize a few years ago. I saw him speak while I was doing my A-Levels and he was really inspirational – he’s the reason I went into chemistry!